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Best Indoor Plant of Maranta Arundinacea Variegata

Make an instant statement with this eye-catching easy-care perennial. Uniquely patterned green and cream lance shaped leaves emerge from upright green stems. Grows best in any well-lit shady position indoors or in the garden.

Another gorgeous variant of the Arrowroot plant known as Maranta Arundinacea Variegata is famous for its artistic-looking foliage and the commercial use of its roots. Maranta Variegata develops the classy look of the indoor corner, displaying the oval-shaped leaves with pointed edges and smooth margins. The cream and green color show a masterstroke of water painting; they are easy to grow indoors and outdoors with particular care requirements, like humidity, light, and temperature.

Maranta plants love moist soil, and they thrive in hot, humid environments. They are sensitive to direct sunlight exposure, therefore, you shall keep your Maranta Variegate plant in a shaded location with diffused sunlight. Additionally, keep the plant hydrated by following a regular watering schedule. Here’s detailed information to help you keep your plant healthy and happy indoors and outdoors.

Everyone loves to have a new and exciting plant in their garden. However, there are some things you need to do before adding any new plant to your indoor plant collection. Examine the new Maranta Variegata plant’s leaves and stem carefully, as pests are always hiding on the lower side of the leaves. Keep your new plant in an isolated spot for at least two weeks and if it has no sign of infection and disease, then place it with other indoor plants.