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The bright orange coconuts are provided by our Chenthengu Coconut Tree variety that blooms in any season and matures in 3-5 years. Chenthengu Coconut Tree can grow up to 30-50 meters with the average expected harvest of 200-250 coconuts per year. The sprout of Chenthengu Coconut Tree must be placed in a 1-meter-deep pit filled with a compound of cow-dung, neem cake & limestone powder and loose soil leaving a space of. The average harvest of coconuts from the Chenthengu Coconut Tree plant is 200 coconuts per year.


Coconut palms grow well in a variety of soils as long as it is well-draining. They do need an average temperature of 72 F. (22 C.) and an annual rainfall of 30-50 inches (76-127 cm.). Fertilization of coconuts is often necessary for the home landscape. These palms are at risk of nitrogen deficiency, which is characterized by the yellowing of the oldest leaves to the entire canopy. They are also susceptible to potassium deficiency, which begins to appear as necrotic spotting on the oldest leaves increasing to affect leaflet tips and, in severe cases, the trunk is affected. Sulfur coated potassium sulfate is broadcast under the canopy at the rate of 1.5 lbs/100 square feet (0.68 kg./9.3 square meters) of canopy area four times per year to prevent the deficiency.

Health Benefits

Coconuts obtained from Chenthengu Coconut Tree and its byproducts are a delicious addition to everyday food that contains significant health benefits. The Coconut oil is a well-known ingredient and is extremely beneficial healthy hair and skin with its antioxidant properties. Coconut milk and water from Chenthengu Coconut Tree provides a wide variety of nutrients and minerals which makes it ideal for everyday consumption. Coconuts from Chenthengu Coconut Tree variety are also effective for weight loss, good heart health and reduce infections.