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Important Role of Bush Pepper Plants

Bush Pepper Plants unlike Creeper variety doesnt have a season to fruit. They normally fruit most of the time. These have same fruiting power of the normal creeper variety. It grows as bush, can also be planted in pots, placed in indoors etc.

As the term suggests, bush pepper is a miniature pepper that can be grown as a potted plant. The high value spice gives considerable income to arecanut and coconut farmers in the state.

Bush pepper can be grown in pots and they don’t need support trees to climb on. Having 5 pots of baby pepper will give enough pepper for a household’s requirements. This is ideal for flat dwellers and residents with limited open land. Growing black pepper requires more work and farming expenses as it needs support trees. If taken care properly, bush peppers will begin to flower in a year. It will produce peppercorns throughout the year. Gathering peppercorns from vines spread on high branches of tress is a difficult task. But harvesting is easier in bush peppers. It is easier to carry them around when moving houses also.

Spices have an important role in Indian food. Pepper “the king of spices”, produced widely in our country. There are two types of pepper. One is vine pepper and the other one is bush pepper. vine pepper is one which normally needs any living or non-living supports for growing. Bush pepper can be produced from a healthy vine pepper plant and it does not require any support. Bush pepper farming is ideal for those who haven’t enough land for cultivation .bush pepper starts flowering in the same year of planting and will give yield throughout the year