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Planting and Applications of White Christmas Caladium

An outstanding variety producing luminous white leaves with contrasting dark green veins and lighter green edges; this one really stands out in a shaded area, and lends to show off other plants; a great container plant, indoors or out.

White Christmas’ produces foliage in shimmering white with green veining and ribbing.A favorite valued for its multi-colored, large, arrow-like leaves. Foliage colored in bands and blotches of red, rose, pink, white, bronze and green. Excellent shady border plant that works well in containers both indoors and out.

Use in the landscape as a groundcover, accent plant, and great companion plant to hide the bare stems of larger plants. Enhance a water feature or moist shade garden, stream, or Rain Gardens are perfect for these accent plants! An amazing ‘thriller’ in planters and hanging baskets!

Classic porch and sunroom plants, Caladium looks great anywhere in the shade! The bright hues of these ornamental foliage plants are exactly what your landscape has been looking for to enliven the gloom! Shady porches and patios, in planters and containers on balconies, and even window boxes – Caladium are wonderful accent plants for all growing zones, indoors and out!

  • Silver & White With Green Veins
  • Big Bright Heart-Shaped
  • Leaves Tropical Foliage Plant
  • Excellent For Growing Indoors
  • Containers, Shady Garden Beds & Borders & Indoor Houseplants