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Coconut tree is one of the plants from the aren family that is easy to find where you are, especially on the coast often you meet this plant. With the shape of the stems are sides, height towering, the stem slightly curved and has fiber roots, it turns out coconut trees have various benefits that can be utilized humans from the leaves to the roots. Because of the huge benefits that make this tree is often referred to as a thousand benefits tree.


Transplant coconut seedlings after a year from the nursery or when they show a minimum of 5-6 leaves and a girth of 10cm at the collar level. Early splitting of leaves is a good sign that the seedling is good.

Coconut seedlings has nuts attached to it in fact that is the same nuts they grow from. Put it in the hole like that, it is the reason 40cm-50cm space was left out from being filled in the hole. Fill it up now with the remaining soil you mixed with dung and press or level the soil well to prevent waterlog farm. Planting should start during the early rains (April-May).


Locate companies such as cosmetics, beverages, textile etc and sell to them. You can source for international buyers and sell to them.

Supply to market men and women who retails them in the market.Advertise your products both online and offline for a wider coverage. But I must tell you buyers are already waiting for the coconuts. These days local consumers and farmers don’t wait for it to dry because people prefer the young nuts for medicinal purposes.