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Seedless Jack-fruit Plants

വിത്തില്ലാത്ത പ്ലാവിൻ തൈകൾ.


2 വർഷത്തിനുള്ളിൽ കായ്ക്കും.

  • Packagel: Exotic Rare 1 Live Healthy jackfruit Plant & Good Growing Habit.Suitable for All Indian Climate in Nursery Grow Bag.
  • Planting: Dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the polybag your plant comes in. Backfill, mixing organic compost in with your top soil. Plant into the loosened soil.
  • Nutrition :jackfruit is the state fruit of many states like KERALA, rich in number of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. It is Sweet and Juicy and very delicious test.
  • Secure Packing. We Use A Specially Ventilated Recyclable Package Which Ensures Healthy Delivery For Your Plants. Low Maintainance plant.


The Seedless and gumless jackfruit

Seedless JackFruit is an evergreen fruit plant . Seedless jackfruit with characteristic Green fleshs is pretty attractive to look at and sweetier than other jackfruits. This is a speciality of the Mekong Delta

This variety of jackfruit (seedless) can be eaten like the way we eat pineapples.!

  • This variety jack best suits for making papad.
  • Dosa batter and halwa are also made using this fruit , as it can be easily cut and is seedfree
  • it can easily be used in making products where we need to grind and serve
  • It Will bear fruit in 2 years.

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