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The Advantages of the Bicolor Caladium Plant

Caladium bicolor, sometimes known as Heart of Jesus, is a species of the Latin American genus Caladium. Large, lance- or heart-shaped leaves with eye-catching green, white, pink, and red blotching are what make it popular as a houseplant. There are many varieties available.

Angel wings is a herbaceous perennial plant producing a cluster of colourful leaves up to 80cm tall from a tuberous base.The plant is occasionally gathered from the wild and used as a food source by local peoples. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in tropical gardens, where it is valued particularly for its attractive foliage. The arrowhead-shaped leaves, which can be up to 50cm long, are various shades of green mottled and blotched with pink, red, white or combinations thereof, often with distinctively coloured veins.

Caladium leaves are combinations of red, pink, green, and or white, with colored midribs and contrasting backgrounds and borders. The varied leaf colors and patterns create many uses for caladiums in the landscape. The leaves do not have stems, but instead originate on long petioles emerging directly from the tuber. They may produce a greenish-white spathe flower similar in appearance to jack-in-the-pulpit or calla lily. Caladiums are grown for their beautiful foliage; therefore, remove the flower as it takes food away from the leaf production and reduces the tuber size.

Caladium is known to have no stems. The elongated petioles support the leaves and rise straight from the underground tuber. A unique fact about this plant is that blooming is not quite frequent for them. If planted in convenient locations, caladium tends to produce some flowers, but only small ones. The caladium flowers are the arum type that is greenish pink and white towards the center. Caladium also has a pleasant fragrance.